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Ask Tom

Advice from an expert!

Ever wish you had a Landscaping or Sprinkler expert in the family? Well now you do! Please keep in mind that all advice is relative to the New England area, and specifically to the Western Massachusetts climate. Any advice regarding specific dates for treatments or events may not apply to other parts of the country.


Information Wall

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    I have Moles

    Moles are common inhabitants of well drained, loose soils of gardens, fields and turf areas. These chipmunk-size animals spend their entire life underground and are rarely seen by humans. Read More...

  • 02

    Watering for a Greener Lawn

    When it comes to maintaining a lush. Green lawn, summertime is often a homeowner’s biggest enemy. A spring season’s worth of work can seemingly go up in smoke once a summer draught rears its ugly head. Read More...

  • 03

    Wild Violets

    Wild violets are native to North America and a member of the violet family or Violaceae. Several perennial species of violets are found in New England and free hybridization can make it difficult to distinguish among them. Read More...

  • 04

    White Grubs

    White grubs are among the most destructive soil insect pests in New England. Grubs can cause serious damage to home lawns, golf courses, or athletic fields by feeding on the roots and root hairs of grass plants. Read More...